Friday, February 23, 2007

Yarn Store Freebie

Here is the progress on my Woven Stripe sock. The pattern was free with a purchase of yarn. I am using Brittany #4 dpn's and Reynolds "Whiskey" yarn in colors #054 and #103. You can see them here: I really love the texture of this yarn and I want to keep these socks for myself. They are sooo pretty. My son had requested for me to make him socks. He even accompanied me to the yarn store to pick yarns and a pattern. Now he harrasses me to finish them when he sees me working on other wip's. But I am being lazy with them. Started sock #1 on 1-11-07 and still a wip. But I just have so many fun things on needles and like to work them all a bit.
I have tried and tried to use my flickr photos here but for some reason they don't show up. Just a small x in a box shows up. Wish I knew how to do that. But as time goes hopefully my blogger skills will improve immensely.

A bit of excitement....I entered a blog contest to win yarn. Two skeins of hand dyed yarn. Fire Engine Red is its name. I do hope to win it and make a new pair of socks. You can enter also. Go here

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New idea to work up

Here is a blanket square I tried today. Only posting to get this picture up somewhere. Anyway it so resembles a Vintage Daisy blanket I saw and loved.

Creating a blog

Wow............this is taking lots of time. I need to knit or crochet. My kids are off school due to the cold, -2 F. with wind chill worse than that. As I sit and try to figure this blogger thing out, having touble getting a picture on my template, I am listening to EWTN live radio. It has such good talks. Very informative.
Anyway I have lately been knitting some socks for my son. I am mid foot on the #1 sock and they are sooo kewl. I don't want to give them. I love them. I am using Whiskey yarns and they are stripped. I will post pics when I figure this stuff out.